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Mechanical Tooling

If your operation has any need for mechanical tooling, we have the equipment. Our range of turning tools, bolt tensioners and hand tools combines industry-leading technology with the reliability, accuracy, performance and efficiencies that are synonymous with Nexxis products around the world.   Our advanced hydraulic mechanical tooling equipment is ideal for calculating bolt loads for both standard and specialised applications quickly and safely whilst the innovative design of our induction heater range enables efficient heating of bearings and work pieces, regardless of size. Our turning tools automate the process of engine rotation, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of borescope inspections and offering material advantages to both owners and operators.

Nexxis is proud to supply the TensionMax HM12 and HM14 range of multi-capable bolt tensioners from one of the world’s leading bolt tensioning and joint integrity companies, HydraTight.

Head Office

12/55 Erceg Road Yangebup, Western Australia 6164