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Manual Scanners

The manual scanner line-up includes magnetic-wheeled scanners (for ferrous surfaces) and chain scanners (for ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces) to simultaneously carry probes and wedges for Phased Array , Time-of-flight-diffraction (TOFD) inspection, Conventional UT inspection, and more. Common applications where manual scanners are used include: pressure vessel inspection, pipe inspection, boiler tube inspection, and more.

The ROTIX - 3-Axis Nozzle Scannerfacilitates semi-automated inspection of nozzle welds, with available encoding of the probe skew angle.

Using standard components, the Microbe can be quickly adapted to many different configuration needs. The Microbe scanner is fully compatible to Rotix using the conversion kit.

The Microbe – BTG006 is a small hand held scanner with built in encoder and magnetic wheels. It is designed to translate two Phased Array probe around ferrous piping and vessels.

The Rotix is a manual “chain” scanner. It is designed to provide encoded probe position of probes circumferentially around tubes and pipes.

The Rotix – CEG027 is a manual chain corrosion scanner with a built-in positional encoder and index encoder.

The Stix – BGG003 is a manual magnetic scanner designed to translate two Phased Array probes and two Phased Array probes around ferrous piping and vessels.

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