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Imaging (including thermal imaging and X-ray) is important for evaluation, troubleshooting, quality control and research purposes and can be used even in the most challenging situations to help protect assets against corrosion, leakage and other damage.  Our advanced thermal imaging equipment, supported by powerful data management software are ideal for a range of testing, measurement and inspection purposes (such as identifying defects, impurities or cracks in materials, verifying weld integrity and performing critical dimensional measurements) and will help prolong asset life, boost productivity and improve safety - all of which are key differentials in a highly competitive and demanding world.

The FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is the first of its kind. Equipped with a built-in thermal camera, MR160 is the only moisture meter with the power to show you exactly where to measure.

The FAST Crawler allows inspection of areas that cannot be accessed by a human and can be easily adapted to most PTZ cameras on the market.

The Mentor Visual iQ is one of the most advanced video borescopes on the market for detecting corrosion, blockages and cracking.

Product ID XLG3 VideoProbe

One of the most revolutionary RVI units, the XLG3 features QuickChange probes that let you alternate probe diameter and length quickly in the field.

Perfect sewer inspection camera for sewers, pipes, shafts, manholes, vessels, inspection points, separators and tanks.

A versatile CCTV inspection camera system that can be used to extend an existing camera tractor system or be employed as a standalone unit.

Ca-Zoom PTZ100 inspection camera with 10x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom for a total of 40x zoom, on-board file manager, annotation and comparison laser measurement.

Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 pipe inspection cameras put image management in the palm of your hand with 10x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom for a total of 40x zoom.

The Versatrax VT150™ Inline pipe inspection camera is a modular, long range chassis system designed for operation in pipe with a minimum internal diameter of 6in / 150mm up to 12in / 300mm.

The Spectrum SP90 pipe inspection camera with pan, tilt and zoom is one of the most popular Inuktun cameras on the market.

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