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Custom Robotic Solutions

Our custom crawler cameras provide portable and convenient access to hard-to-reach areas across all industrial and manufacturing applications. Our flexible, solutions-driven approach helps our customers make smarter and more profitable business decisions of their own, so we offer custom pipe inspection crawlers that are built tough to withstand harsh and dangerous environments, as well as being are technologically advanced to deliver crystal clear images and operator-friendly data reporting.  

SAIR is a wireless magnetic crawler robot capable of conducting ultrasonic and visual inspection on various assets like tanks, vessels, pipes and elbows

Vertical inspection crawler system with full sensor integration capabilities.

Nexxis designed custom solution for internal visual and ultrasonic (UT) inspection of the Liquid Burning Flue stack.

Product ID Magneto Inspection Robot

The next generation Magneto platform is a new, leading-edge design, inspection robot with electromagnetic feet and cutting-edge AI that allows it to climb and inspect vertical and complex industrial structures.

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