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Automated Scanners

The automated scanner line-up consists of motorized, remote-operated, magnetic-wheeled scanners for inspecting ferrous surfaces. These scanners can simultaneously carry probes and wedges for Phased Array and Time-of-flight-diffraction (TOFD) weld inspection. They can also be equipped with motorized raster arms for automated two-axis corrosion inspection (c-scan). Common applications where automated scanners are used include: tank inspection, vessel inspection, pipe inspection, ship-hull inspection, wind tower inspection, and more.

Product ID RMS2

RMS2 is a high-speed, high-accuracy remote-access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system. It is designed to assess the condition storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels, and other critical equipment.

The Scorpion2 dry-coupled, remote-access ultrasonic crawler brings major efficiency and data improvements to tank shell inspections and other structures such as vessels and offshore installations.

The Navic is a modular, motorized, steerable scanner designed to carry multiple attachments used in various scanning and inspection applications.

Skoot Base Crawler is a powerful automated scanner. The ability to carry multiple attachments and various accessories

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