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Industries across the world use tanks for storing or transporting liquids or gases. These tanks need regular inspections to ensure the integrity of the tank and to spot deterioration or damage early. Remote operated cameras such as the STIK allow for these checks to take place and for a tank to be fully inspected without the need for human entry into the tank.


The challenges of confined space inspection are many. The high cost of an operation, extended downtime of assets, hazardous atmospheres or lack of oxygen, contingency plans in case of an incident, not to mention all the pre-inspection necessities, HSE implementations and erection of scaffolding all lead to a complex task that has traditionally meant it is only carried out when regulations deem it necessary. Happily, this is all set to change, thanks to the newest in Unmanned Aerial System (drone) technology, The Elios.


Finding corrosion cracks in the stainless steel canisters used to contain nuclear material for long-term storage is an essential, yet time consuming process, especially as these canisters are usually stored by the thousands. These canisters may develop atmospherically-induced stress corrosion cracking (AISCC) and it is this cracking that requires periodic inspection of the canisters.


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