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Slippery Slopes Are No Match For Inuktun’s Robotic Crawlers

Hostile and hazardous environments, confined spaces, limited access and slippery surfaces are just some of the challenges facing remote visual inspection (RVI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment.

Whether it’s an oil pipeline inspection, a municipal sewer inspection, a search and recovery operation on the ocean floor or a vertical vessel inspection at a nuclear plant, the range of OnSite VersatraxTM pipe inspection vehicles from Eddyfi is engineered to cope with the most demanding of surfaces and circumstances.

Sandy, slippery, icy, slimy, wet, dry or silt-covered surfaces – even some vertical faces – are no match for the Inuktun line of rugged robotic crawlers, and thanks to their adaptive Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology, these vehicles can be modified quickly and easily for optimum traction in virtually any situation.

The VersatraxTM systems use standard MicrotracTM and MinitracTM crawler modules which are small in size, but big on performance and are ideal for remote applications in confined spaces and hazardous environments where performance and reliability are essential.

What sets these crawler modules apart is that they can be easily modified to handle specific technical or operational requirements including various track materials, control interfaces, depth ratings and output torque.

Flexible configurations to meet specific needs

Their specially manufactured belts with high durability natural lugs can be adapted to meet extra slippery conditions with the addition of a lower durometer (softer) rubber belt to increase the friction.  Carbide studs can also be installed directly into the lugs to improve traction – a technique which is similar to that used to mobilise car tyres in icy and slippery conditions.

Additional weights can also be added to the crawlers for improved traction, whilst magnet modules enhance performance when the vehicle is operating on ferrous surfaces.

Many of these VersatraxTM vehicles also have special enhancement hardware which exerts a downward force on the tracks by pushing against the top of the pipe.  This feature stabilises the crawler and enables maximum traction – even to the point where vertical travel is possible.

Systems for innovative solutions

These OnSite accessories and options are available for both new and existing VersatraxTM pipe inspection systems and our technical equipment experts can help you make the best decisions on how to customise your equipment to meet the most difficult and demanding conditions.

Nexxis shares Inuktun’s view that choosing the right robotic technology for your business is a complex decision and we recognise that your choices are about more than just quality, reliability and equipment performance.  We’ll listen to your needs and questions, and help you identify an innovative solution that is best suited and best adapted to your individual requirements.

For more information on our wide range of quality robotic crawlers or to talk about a flexible and cost-effective RVI or NDT solution, contact us today.

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