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Transport PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Liquid)

The TransPort PT878 portable liquid flow meter is a complete portable ultrasonic flow metering system for measurement of just about any liquid application.
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GE’s TransPort PT878 is a portable liquid flow meter that offers a complete portable ultrasonic flow metering system solution for measuring elements like portable water, waste water, crude oil, diesel and fuels, lubricating oils, chemicals and other liquids.

Its integration with the TransPort PT878’s patented Correlation TransitTime™ digital signal processing technique ensure greater increases in the signal-to-noise ratio, which provides reliable and accurate drift-free glow measurements in liquids that contain a second phase of gas bubble or entertained solids. Unlike Doppler-type flowmeters, this system also provides accurate flow rate measurements in perfectly clean liquids that contain no “scatterers”.

This compact and lightweight metering tool contributes greatly to operational efficiency and productivity. It is quick and easy to prepare and operate, and an experienced user can make many different measurement scores in a single day. The TransPort PT878 is housed in a rubber boot to provided extra protection from day-to-day use and exposure the various elements. It can withstand vibrations and shock and is completely sealed and waterproof up to 3 metres.

The TransPort PT878 makes use of clamp-on transducers to measure flow rates through plastics, metals and concrete-lined pipes, without penetrating the pipewall. This ensures a leak-free and non-contaminating measurement environment with drift-free accuracy.

It is equipped with a large, multifunctional LCD display that clearly presents all measurement data in both graphic and alphanumeric forms. A simple and convenient software menu assists users with each aspect of data entry and function selections. All the data can be transferred to a PC with the TransPort PT878’s infrared port.

This system is also equipped with a few optional features like energy measurements to determine the energy flow rate in liquid heating and cooling systems, and a pipe wall thickness gauge transducer for clamp-on flow measurements.

Contact us to find out more about the TransPort PT878 or more of our ultrasonic flow meter range, or request a quote online.

  • Advanced patented flow meter capabilities allows flow metering through a wide range of materials and fluid types
  • Performs volumetric flow, tantalized flow and flow velocity measurements
  • High repeatability, bidirectional range, accuracy, thermal exposure and rangeability
  • Variety of clamping fixtures available to easily attach transducers to different pipes – 12.7mm to 7.6m
  • Large, intuitive graphics display in both graphical and numerical formats (240 x 200 pixel LCD)
  • User interface available in 10 languages
  • Rugged built to stay in service for many years
  • Infrared for communication with PCs and laptops, including adapter if infrared capability is not available
  • Range of accessories, including thermal printer
  • Field-upgradable flash memory allowing easy deployment of new features
  • Extensive data logging capability to log over 100,000 flow points

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