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SUPERVISION Pipeline Inspection

Supervision pipe inspection camera units combine dimension, speed and manoeuverability with efficient and safe operation saving you time and money.
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Supervision pipeline inspection units have earned a high reputation in all pipeline inspection fields. The combination of dimension, speed and manoeuverability make Supervision the most powerful choice, with their efficient and safe operation saving you time and money.

PipeBus Technology
PipeBus is a specialised operation developed for Supervision. PipeBus allows longer operating time plus easily accessed information on recently used elements including internal pressure, temperature and position. PipeBus also enables remote maintenance during service.

Superior Manoeuvrability
Thanks to Supervision’s unique modular design, this crawler is able to adapt to all pipe diameters and a range of conditions and materials. With its short wheelbase and advanced steering, the Supervision can easily get around any obstacle including steps and move around tight corners.

Automatic Cable Reel
Supervision cable reels allow the crawler to operate at optimum efficiency over the full length of inspection distance, eliminating cable jams and tangles during retrieval.

Camera Head with LED Light Ring
Supervision’s autofocus colour camera and shadowless LEDs deliver super sharp and clear images. The newly designed light ring allows daylight like visibility in the darkest corners. You’re also able to expand your view with the 40:1 (10x optical, 4x digital) zoom.

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Product Downloads
  • Unique modular design for maximum flexibility
  • All components easily interchanged
  • Solid rubber or corundum wheels for pipe diameters up to 1000 mm (39”) and any pipe condition
  • Quick and easy single handed camera changing
  • Optional auxiliary light
  • Three crawler sizes available for inspecting pipes ranging from 100 mm to 1500 mm (4” to 60”) internal diameter
  • ATEX certified for Zone I and Zone II

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