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P350 Flexitrax System

The P350 Flexitrax™ from SPX is a versatile and portable crawler system that offers the ideal solution to any pipeline inspection professional.
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The P350 Flexitrax™ from SPX is a versatile and portable crawler system that offers the ideal solution to any pipeline inspection professional.

Its modular and flexible system design can be changed and tailored to meet your precise requirements as well as the demands of tough inspection environments. This product gives you the option to choose between interchangeable cameras, two powerful crawlers, a manual cable drum or an advanced, self-contained powered drum with up to 305m cable, and a variety of other fittings such as wheels, elevators and tires. All of these elements are designed to withstand challenging and harsh sub-surface conditions.

The P350 features fully integrated pushrod connectivity which eliminates the need to change connections or to keep an extra power source for the pushrod. The P340 flexiprobe pushrod reels and cameras can be connected directly to the flexitrax system and the user can conveniently switch from crawler to pushrod operation with the touch of a button.

The P350 flexiprobe range offers a choice of two cameras and three different reel sizes, with various rod flexibilities and sondes, which makes it more convenient than ever before to customise your unit to best suit your application.

The high-resolution cameras are fitted with bright, white LED lighting and have a range of functions like forward view, pan & tilt, or pan & tilt with 10x optical zoom, to choose from. All the recorded digital videos are clearly displayed on the P350 flexitrax digital platform. An ultra-bright, 8” inch screen provides crisp images and outstanding video quality for easy problem identification in any environment. The P50 is equipped with a convenient command module which allows you to zoom and rotate images, and live or recorded video material in real-time.

The P350 flexitrax system is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Its compact elements easily fit into the trunk of a car and are easy to set-up and install while on site. An intuitive user interface and simple, one-touch control over video and photo capturing makes this system very easy to use for most operators.

If you would like to learn more about the P350 Flexitrax™ system and its reliable and convenient features, or any of our other robotic crawlers and tractors, or CCTV inspection camerascontact us at Nexxis today

  • Modular, versatile and portable – offering inspection professionals a unique crawler system
  • Multiple combinations offer modularity to suit a wide range of challenging conditions
  • White LED lighting allowing use across different pipe materials
  • Digital video platform delivering a wide range of intuitive zoom, pan and tilt controls
  • Switch from crawler to pushrod operation with a single button
  • Features onsite reporting or exporting of MSCC5 compliant drain and inspection reports for off-site viewing
  • No need for a power connection when used in pushrod mode
  • Data is stored on shock resistant solid state USB sticks or Compact Flash
  • Essential elements protected through weatherproof (IP53) buffers
  • Low operating and maintenance costs including easy replacement and repair of damaged cables
  • Truly modular and customisable to suit any inspection environment

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