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NOVA Compact X-Ray Film Processor

An X-ray film processor designed and built specifically for the industrial NDT testing environment. It is smart, robust, economical and automatic, and fills the gap in the market for a compact processor that can perform rugged NDT testing while providing the quality of STRUCTURIX Film Systems and the features that users need.
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The NOVA is compact to take up little space in labs. It is extremely lightweight and transportable. It consists of state-of-the-art electronics and materials, making it easy to operate and service. And it offers an optional package of product add-ons, called the NOVA Comfort Kit, which allows you to upgrade the processor’s performance with easy-to-fit enhancements. Above all else, it continues the reputation of Agfa NDT equipment for assured performance while yielding a superb price/quality ratio.
As an example, its extremely low consumption of power during processing (a max. of 1700 watts) results in significant cost savings over its lifetime (NOVA is equipped with an intelligent power management system).

Whether you are a company with limited film processing needs or one requiring many processors across multiple locations, the NOVA is an excellent choice. Versatile and accommodating, it is as much at home in a small lab as it is on-site at an extensive pipeline project.

Thoroughly tested with the full line of Agfa NDT films and chemicals, you can use the NOVA with utmost confidence to produce optimal film image results.
The entire Agfa NDT Film Systems is backed by GE’s highly trained technicians and specialists –– experts who stand ready to assist you with technical support and workflow assistance. Like the processor itself, they are focused on delivering quality and performance to make your job easier.

User-friendly features

• Compact Size.
Takes up only 4.3 sq. ft. or 0.40 m2 of floor space.
• Well-Conceived, Lightweight Construction.
Constructed of stainless steel, aluminium and PVC to be corrosion resistant and strong. Yet lightweight (max. 176.37 lbs or 80 kg, excl. NOVA Comfort Kit) and durable for long-life performance.
• Globally Adaptable.
Comes in a standard version with state-of-the-art electronics. Worldwide “plug and play” feature allows you to adapt it to any standard outlet, accommodating all voltages globally.
• Easy To Use.
Built with an automatic start/stop function. Film detection with five scanning rollers allows intelligent and economic replenishment depending on the processed film surface. Control display provides a visual reference of all process parameters (temperature, dryer settings). An OK light indicates when the next film can be inserted.
• Easy To Self-Serve.
Lightweight aluminium side covers enable easy access to the machine. Racks are easy to remove, clean and service. Circulating pumps are easily accessible and can be easily exchanged by the user.
• Light-Tight Cover.
Designed to protect against light entering the processor, the standard light-tight cover allows the operator to perform other tasks while film feeding into the NOVA Film Processor is ongoing. It also prohibits dust


Contact us to find out more about the NOVA and other radiographic equipment, or request a quote online.


Length 35 cm (table) + 59 cm (unit) + 25 cm (tray) or 119 cm
13.78″ (table) + 23.23″ (unit) + 9.84″ (tray) or 46.85″
Width 68 cm / 26.77″
Height 57 cm / 22.44″
Floor space 0.40 m2 / 4.3 sq. ft.

Empty 80 kg / 176.37 lbs
Filled 110 kg / 242.51 lbs

Tank capacities:
eveloper 10 liters / 2.6 gallons
Fixer 10 liters / 2.6 gallons
Water 10 liters / 2.6 gallons
Water level sensor Yes

Water connection:
Cold tap water min. 5°C / 41°F , 3/4″ connection
Water pressure: min/max 1.0 – 6.0 bar
Power: Voltage 100 – 120 V , 200 V – 208 V , 230 – 240 V
Amperage 8.5 A , 7.5 A , 6.5 – 7.3 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Consumption 1700 Watt max.
Intelligent power management software

Processing cycle:
Standard 100 seconds developer immersion time
Range 12 – 150 seconds developer immersion time

Capacity 30 films/hour of 35 x 43 cm or 14 x 17″ at standard cycle
Width 3.5 cm / 1.4″ up to 43 cm / 17″
Size 6 x 12 cm / 2.4″ x 4.7″ minimum
Roll film from 3.5 cm /1.4″ width up to any length

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