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NanoMag™ Robotic Crawler

The Inuktun NanoMag miniature crawler system is ideal for steel structures where vertical, horizontal and/or inverted pipe inspection is required.
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The Inuktun NanoMagTM miniature crawler system is an ideal remote visual inspection vehicle for steel structures where vertical, horizontal and/or inverted inspection is required.  It is only suitable for dry applications, so if you have a need for an RVI system that can operate underwater as well, please see our quality range of submersible crawler vehicles.

The Inuktun NanoMagTM was so successful in its original function as an inspection vehicle for the top of nuclear reactor vessels that it has become widely used across many different industries.

Built-in rare earth magnets secure the unit tightly to ferrous metal surfaces, allowing it to travel vertically as well as upside-down and making it ideal for use in tight situations and areas that are difficult to access.   It is lightweight (only 2.27kgs) and compact (105mm wide by 49mm high and 123mm long) and can withstand a wide temperature range from 00 – 500C.

The standard unit has both a front and a rear camera for navigating in confined spaces, each of which can be operated remotely.  The front camera is a Spectrum 45TM Pick-up Element with Colour Xin CMOS Resolution, sensitivity of 1.0 lux and six high intensity LED lights – so the visuals are high quality even at extremely close range.  In fact, the lens can focus on objects as close as 12mm – making it the ideal choice for close inspection and corrosion evaluation of any suitable surface, including the interior and exterior of tanks, pipelines, reactors heads and pressure vessels.

The rear camera is a Crystal CamR Pick-up Element, with Xin colour CCD Resolution, 400 TV lines, 1.0 lux sensitivity and 12 high intensity LED lights.

The Inuktun NanoMagTM is small yet powerful, with a 400W control system and a suggested 600W generator.  It has a nimble 19 inch rack mounted chassis with control system dimensions of 476mm (W) x 146mm (H) and 304mm (L).   An optional Pelican carrying case makes portability even easier.

Thanks to its easy-to-use yet precise controls, the operator can manoeuvre the unit up and down surfaces very effectively – even in restricted areas.


  • Tank and vessel inspections.
  • Confined space entry inspections
  • Nuclear inspections
  • Emergency response
  • Low access or clearance inspections.
  • Vertical inspections.

Case Studies and Technical Solutions 

NanoMag™ Robotic Crawler


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Product Downloads
  • Miniature, lightweight crawler system
  • Vehicle Weight: 2.27kg
  • Vehicle Size: 107mm (W) x 49mm (H) x 193mm (L)
  • Variable speed of 1.5m per minute (higher speed available as an option)
  • Only suitable for dry applications
  • Strong magnetic field holds vehicle securely
  • Dual camera system delivers high quality images
  • High resolution Spectrum 45TM pan and tilt front camera with auto focus and remote operation
  • Auto iris and 1.0 lux sensitivity
  • Rear-facing Crystal CamR with 400 TV lines and auto-electronic iris
  • 12 high intensity LEDs on rear camera, six on front camera
  • Operational in temperatures from 00 to 500C
  • Powerful 400W control system
  • Precise steering controls

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