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The world of robotics is evolving fast – and in the world of non-destructive testing, this means a direct and positive impact on speed, accuracy and safety. Over the past few decades, investment into inspection robots has been significant. Today, asset owners can take advantage of realistic and affordable robotic options to streamline inspection operations.

Enter the Invert Robotics V, M and H-Series, a range of robots designed to ease the inspection of vessels made from virtually any material and in any situation.

Invert V1200 and V1800

Created to negate the historical issues associated with inspection of assets at height, within confined spaces or where human entry is contra-indicated, the V1200 and V1800 provide a unique platform for virtually any surface.

This versatile, fully integrated crawling robot can traverse any smooth surface: aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plastics and composites, be it magnetic or non-magnetic. It’s designed for any landscape – horizontal, vertical, on an angle or even hanging upside down.

Of course, transportability was a necessity in design. This cutting-edge robot comes complete with a protective case and is small enough to be carried within the hold of an aircraft. The Invert Robotics V1200 and V1800 multi-technology robotic platforms come with visual inspection cameras as standard payload plus they can carry heavy, customised NDT tooling. 

Other notable operational information includes:

  • Payload of 5kg
  • Operational temperature range of -10oC to 50oC (with the ability to configure to temperatures outside this range if needed)
  • Runs with tracked based differential steering
  • Maximum linear speed of 200mm/sec
  • Operated via a standard game-like controller
  • Daylight readable LCD screen
  • Remains in-situ through an active and passive sliding suction adhesion system utilising 4 x suction pads with built-in redundancy
  • CE- and AVI-certified

Designed and proven as an inspection aid for larger vessels, light chemical vessels and aircraft fuselages. Inspections can be followed in real-time from any location.

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Invert H2200

The Invert H2200 is the hybrid version of this robotic platform and can be used on any smooth surface. It’s an ideal automated inspection choice for sensitive surfaces or on glass-lined vessels, thanks to its adhesion redundancy capabilities.

While the H2200 shares the same attributes as the V series mentioned above, this unique platform can adhere to any magnetic, coated, glazed or stainless steel surface.

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Robots, such as the Invert series, are proving game-changing in the benefits they bring. This cutting-edge technology removes many of the historical challenges involved in mandatory NDT testing in a variety of industries, including oil & gas, nuclear, mining, aeronautics, industrial, manufacturing and more. Removing the need for human inspection within hazardous assets not only makes for a far quicker process but dramatically increases the safety aspect as well.

While the immediate advantage of the latter is obvious (less risk to human life), this also has a knock-on effect for multiple other aspects, including:

  • Less offline time for assets: This can be considerable, removing the need to erect scaffolding or empty areas to make them safe for human entry
  • Increased accuracy of test results: Robots are not subject to human error, plus they allow remote inspectors to access hard-to-reach areas not possible during a human-led inspection.
  • Better maintenance planning: The reduced costs associated with the above points allow for a more proactive maintenance programme. Inspections can be planned more frequently, so reducing the chances of high-cost, unplanned breakdowns (which often be catastrophic in terms of monetary and human costs).

Advanced technology, such as the Invert Robotics V1200, V1800 and H2200, are just some examples of how forward-thinking company, Nexxis, works with their customers to design the ultimate solutions for individual and complex testing requirements.

Discover more about this refreshing approach to robotic inspection or contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

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