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Inspenet Interview With Founder & CEO Jason De Silveira at ASNT 2023


Video credit: Inspenet

The recent ASNT conference showcases technological advancements in asset integrity. It was here that Inspenet had the opportunity to converse with Jason, the founder of Nexxis. As Nexxis edges towards its 10th year of operations, its commitment to innovation is more pronounced than ever.

Inspenet Interview Jason De Silveira from Nexxis

ASNT, renowned for gathering industry experts, serves as an essential platform for companies like Nexxis. Jason elaborated on the company’s distinct approach. He emphasized Nexxis’s relentless pursuit of enhancing and expanding its robotic platforms, an initiative that has propelled them towards becoming a key Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This evolution is not just about introducing new products; it’s about creating tailored solutions. Nexxis now actively develops custom robotic platforms and integrates these with diverse sensor technologies, making them a versatile solution provider in the industry.

Reflecting on the differences between the two consecutive ASNT events in Nashville and Houston, Jason revealed a glimpse of Nexxis’s strategic journey. The Houston event underscored their continued emphasis on rolling out their proprietary platforms, each tailored to the unique demands of the sector. This specialized focus demonstrates Nexxis’s commitment to directly addressing the multifaceted needs of its clientele.

Originating from Australia, Nexxis is not just looking at its past achievements, but is keenly plotting its future trajectory. The upcoming emphasis is clear: fortifying its capabilities in engineering and manufacturing. With Houston recognized as a hub for technological innovations, it’s fitting that Nexxis finds resonance in its ethos here.

Concluding his conversation, Jason acknowledged the pivotal role of events like ASNT. It’s not just a conference; it’s a venue that facilitates meaningful dialogues, knowledge exchange, and collaborations between industry leaders.

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