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Bright Light Shines On Inspections

PTZ 140 Ca-Zoom pan tilt camera

Recent advancements in technology have significantly enhanced inspection capabilities across many industries.

The creation of collaborative software with dual and live screen sharing, cloud based hosting and Wi-Fi access, is driving more cost effective processes and smarter business decisions.

Today the benchmark is apps that enable remote access, safer operation and greater measurement accuracy such as Wi-Fi touch screen and intuitive operation.

Inspections now take place in remote areas and give you incredibly accurate measurements with live links to your head office or experts overseas.

Visual borescope technology has evolved to provide high definition quality images. Now you can easily distinguish a crack from a grease mark in tough inspection environments with low light and hard to access areas with the assistance of built-in Probability of Detection (PoD) software.

The technology is ideal for an aircraft engine or a dry gas seal port on a compressor train, even a cavity vent on a large Tight Shut Off (TSO) valve.

In the past capturing high quality images in small, dark and confined spaces was extremely challenging for inspectors. In small spaces in particular a light from a flash created glare or flashback and hindered visibility creating image flare.

Technology such PoD allows extreme image quality and lighting enhances in all inspections.

This state-of-the-art technology and improved visibility is the beginning of a new era for the inspections industry, shining a bright light on what’s to come.

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